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About Chris (from Yasmine's perspective)
Chris is an incredibly stylish and daring go-getter. A serial entrepreneur, Chris brings a zest for life and "make it happen" attitude that is both contagious and inspiring.
Chris' cooking skills are top notch. She trained at cooking schools across Europe to perfect her unique style of Euro-Asian cuisine. Chris has an uncanny way of making entertaining seem effortless, and her guests always feel right at home. 
 Her passion for cooking, wine, fitness, travel, and entertaining inspired the founding of celeventé
About Yasmine (from Chris' perspective)
What makes Yasmine a special person? She's a nurturer at heart, she cares.  She cares that people have fun, giving people the best experience possible, and what others care about.
Yasmine has a love for life, adventure in her heart, and a flair for style and elegance that is unparalleled.  Her eye for the sublime, brilliance, work ethic, and ability to execute the most beautiful and stress free celebrations makes her the perfect co-founder for celeventé.   
The celeventé Vision

 Life is Better with More Parties in It


Who doesn't love a good party, but also lament about the time and effort involved?

celeventé was founded by long-time friends and hi-tech executives Chris Stack and Yasmine Lopez who share a passion for adventure, entertaining, fashion, travel, cooking naturally, and technology.


Our goal in starting celevente.com is to offer practical yet inspirational resources for making entertaining easier to plan, execute, and ultimately more enjoyable.

About Us:

On the verge of turning 50, we decided there was no time to lament about getting older. Instead we encouraged each other by running, hiking and cooking delicious, healthy meals balanced with copious amounts of wine and adventures celebrating life. In the process we managed to both lose 25 lbs and gain tremendous enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

At this stage, we are committed to putting our best selves forward and being as fearless as possible as we reach for personal and professional goals. We will share some of our crazy adventures along the way.

Our motto is "life is to be enjoyed and every day is an occasion to celebrate without hassle and stress".


celeventé is brought to you with these goals in mind.

We hope you enjoy our site and look forward to hearing from you.


Chris and Yasmine

Yasmine and Chris on the Inca Trail in Peru hiking to Machu Picchu

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