Serveware Essentials to Showcase Your Food Creations

Whether you entertain just your family or 50 people, you will need serving pieces to display and serve your creations. How many serving pieces you need will depend on the size of your party.

White pieces are a great choice because white is very versatile and will complement your food, other table setting colors and patterns.

To make a big impact at your table, use complimentary or contrasting colors for serving pieces based on the color of your food, tablecloth, dinnerware, etc. Having some pieces play supporting roles can help other elements at your table stand out.

Here are the serveware staples every household can use.


Rectangular platters are great for serving appetizers, roasts, or veggies.

Oval platter are great for roasts; turkey, chicken or prime rib. Since there will be juices from your roast, the lip around platter will help keep it contained.

Try to add some texture and interest with natural elements around your dishes. such as fig leaves, branches of rosemary, or grape leaves.

There are no hard and fast rules so be as creative as you want. Just keep in mind that what your serving fits on the serving piece and doesn't leak.

14.5-inch Rectangular Porcelain Serving Platters

17", White Royal Doulton Maze Oval Platter

Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese and Serving Board

Slate and Wood Cheese Board Set

Serving Utensils

Serving utensils can be simple or whimsical. From artistic, modern, or utilitarian, select the ones that express whatever you feel. Here are some simple yet timeless pieces that will work in any setting.

2 Large Stainless Steel Serving Spoon

Stainless Steel Serving Tongs

Stainless Steel Salad Spoon Fork Serving Set

Serving Bowls

Serving bowls are usually used for salads, soups, stews, braised, pastas, curries, etc.

Remember that you can use your Dutch Oven or casserole dishes to serve as well, love double duty.

10", White Royal Doulton 66 oz Gordon Ramsay Maze Serving Bowl

11.8", White Royal Doulton Maze Serving Bowl

Royal Doulton Maze Open Vegetable/Pasta Bowl (Set of 4)

Warming Station (optional)

A warming station is an optional item. If you have the storage space, a warming station is wonderful to have for a buffet dinner party. Here is a nice simple option that fits the bill.

Stainless Steel Buffet Server

These essential serving pieces in white will work well with almost any dish. Be creative and add color, patterns, or shapes but keep in mind how the vibrant pieces will work with your food, and tablescape as a whole, considering placemats, dinnerware, tablecloth, centerpiece, etc.

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