9 Tips to Make Your Cheese Board a Sensory Masterpiece

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From ridiculously large and opulent to elegantly simple, there is no denying that cheese boards are a mainstay at dinner parties. A well-stocked cheese board is a gift to the senses with taste, sight, smell, and even touch elements that compliment any beverage or food you serve.

9 things to make a Cheeseboard a Sensory Masterpiece

  • Bread of Crackers Select those that can hold up to spreading and are not overpowering in taste

  • 2-3 varieties of Cheese 1 soft cheese like Brie and 1 hard cheese such as a nice-aged Manchego

  • 2-3 Cured Meats

  • Dried or Seasonal Fruits

  • Olives Kalamata, stuffed green, and olive bar specialties work well

  • Nuts

  • Jams, Preserves, Chutney or Honey

  • A beautiful board that serves as a foundation for your spread

  • Imagination

That’s it. The rest is up to you. Have fun and experiment.

Photo by The Little Epicuran

Take a look at these enviable creations we adore.

Photo by Giada Weekly

Be colorful and consider adding salads and veggies too.

Photo by rayban.is-best.net

Mix and match colors and textures for sensory explosions.

Photo by @halfbakedharvest

Themes are a fantastic way to help create an imaginative board. The above by Half Baked Harvest has a Mediterranean flair that has incorporated all of the basic elements, but took inspiration from the middle east by adding hummus and other spreads.

Photo by Blog Lovin

If you want more details and instruction, Blog Lovin has a great “how to” for constructing an abundant and fabulous board here. This one has chocolate. Pairing chocolate with a ruby port is absolutely spectacular.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Not sure how how to pair your wine and cheese? Use this simple guide to make it easy.

source: hisandherwine.com

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