Entertaining 101 - Everything you Need to Know but were Afraid to Ask

We all have those panic moments when planning a party where you ask yourself "I forgot how to do..." or "How much should I buy..?" questions that lead to last minute internet searches for guidance.

We have compiled Infographics to help you plan, shop and serve your guests with confidence. Relax because none of this is a hard and fast rule.

  • How Much to Serve at a Party

  • Your Party Buying Guide

  • Casual, Formal, and Buffet Table Setting Guide

  • Wine and Food Pairings

  • Pairing your Beer

  • Brining 101

  • Healthy Baking Substitutions

  • Rescue Your Recipes Substitutions

How Much to Serve at a Party - Source:sheknows.com


Source: pinterest (unknown)

Source: pinterest (unknown)




Source: Kraftfoods

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