The Ultimate Easy-to-Plan Superbowl Party Guide

Who doesn't love Superbowl parties? Beyond watching the game, there is the half-time show, yummy food and adult beverages, and most of all enjoying it joking around with friends.

Here's the ultimate guide to throwing an easy-to-plan Superbowl Party that allows you to actually enjoy the festivities for a change. This guide covers the following areas:

Party Decorations - Menu - Activities and Games - Party Favors

3 Party Decorations You Can't Do Without

It isn't necessary to go crazy with themed party decorations, a few pieces make a big impact and too many are overkill and cheesy.

Field Tablecloth for Buffet Table with Concessions banner

Football Disposable Cups

Football lanterns to hang around the buffet table

Avoid buying too many themed decor pieces that are usable only a few times a year. Invest in beautiful serving dishes that can work for any occasion and pair with a few themed decorative items that store easily.

Superbowl Party Menu

Keep food simple, with hearty dishes that can be prepared ahead of time. Serve foods that are tasty at room temperature or can be kept warm in slow cookers or on hot plates so that guests can nibble throughout the game. Nothing worse than attempting to eat cold lasagna or burgers.

Main Dishes : Choose 2 to 3

Avoid the temptation to serve a hodge podge of potluck items that may not go well together like lasagna, smoked salmon, and nachos. Keep foods complementary.

Buffalo chicken wings with Ranch and Bleu Cheese Dressings, served with celery and carrot sticks. This recipe by Kelly is absolutely delicious, your friends and family will rave .

Marinated tri-tip steak or bite sized chicken pieces that are served on a board

Nacho bar - Keep chili and Queso warm in two slow cookers, and serve alongside tortilla chips, salsas, guacamole, sliced olives, and sour cream

Bake Potato Bar - bake potatoes can be filled with butter, cheddar cheese or warm queso, broccoli, chives, sour cream, bacon bits, guacamole, chili, salt and pepper.

Appetizers: Choose 3

Homemade Caramel Corn with Bourbon and Bacon source:Rachel Cooks.

If you have not tried the divine pleasure that is salty, caramel popcorn combined with bacon, well you are simply missing out.

This make ahead snack can be placed in bowls around the room for guests to nibble. Serve alongside bowls of peanuts and pretzels.

Marinated Goat Cheese, Olives, Artichokes and Tomatoes by Christophe EMÉ

Cheese and charcuterie platter

Guacamole - it has been said that more avocados are consumed during Superbowl than any other time of the year. Frankly, guacamole should be a requirement at most parties. Source:Alton Brown, Food Network

Slow Cooker Queso Queso is a great snack that can be served with tortilla chips, baguettes, and used with baked potatoes and nachos.

Dessert - Football decorated sugar cookies make the perfect dessert. These are a hit and stay looking great displayed on a platter and are not hard to decorate.


Beer, wine, soda, and sparkling water make great game day drinks. If you want to offer cocktails, then choose easily-prepared items such as Prossecco, Sangria, Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, vodka with orange juice or cranberry juice, rum and coke, and/or whiskey for sipping.

Be prepared that shots of something or drinking games may be on the ticket. Remind guests to carpool, designate a driver, or book uber or Lyft ahead of time to relax and enjoy the game.

Superbowl Party Games

Here are some fun games to play during the festivities to keep it social.

1. Game Predictions Board - Put up a chalkboard where you can keep track of final score bets. You can give away a little gift or make it a friendly wager.

2. Superbowl Bingo printout cards from

3. Superbowl Trivia Game from

4. Flick Origami paper Football game for kids

5. Touch football game in the backyard if you have space

Party Favors

These mini sports balls are a great little gift for kids to play with during the party

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